Share more, With Attachtap you can share virtual business cards, contact information, business information and social media (ID, VAT, PAYMENT IN FORMATION ...)

Eco friedly, 99.99% of our tags and cards are made of recycled PVC plastic and are IFGICT certified.

Unlimited use, with Attachtap you never have to buy paper business cards again. You only need one card or tag and you are ready to make new business relations.

Update in real time, you can allways update your contact details when it changes in our Attachtap application.

Share any link you want, you can instatly share any links to Apps, websites, PDFs, videos and more.

Custom designs, Our creative team makes custom designs for you and your comapny, that shows the vision off your company in the best way.

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Attachtap QR

Attachtap QR is a new way of making your virtual zoom call background more attractive and intuitive for you clients, and greatest of all makes it easy to share your virtual business card, deep links and any files by just scanning the QR code.


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