Attachtap is Merging with Adastra Group

We are pleased to announce from our offices the acquisition between Adastra and Attachtap, where Adastra has acquired a stake in the technological startup Attachtap is done.

At Attachtap, we're thrilled to embark on a new chapter marked by expansive horizons and strategic growth. One of our primary focuses is the expansion into diverse international markets, with a keen eye on establishing a significant presence in Norway.

Our vision extends beyond borders. The recent merger with Adastra propels Attachtap into a position of global prominence, providing us with the resources and capabilities to explore and conquer new markets worldwide.

Norway's commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with Attachtap's values as also the Company is half Norgegian. We look forward to contributing to the country's innovation ecosystem, offering eco-friendly digital solutions that support sustainable business practices.

As we step into this exciting phase of expansion, Attachtap is poised to make waves in the global market, with Norway at the forefront of our strategic endeavors. Stay tuned as we unveil our journey into new territories and continue to redefine the digital landscape.

A key aspect of our recent merger with Adastra is the integration of our respective sales teams, heralding a new era of collaborative success. The alignment of Attachtap's and Adastra's sales forces brings a wealth of expertise and diverse skills to the forefront.

A shared vision for success unites our sales teams. Together, we are committed to driving revenue growth, exploring new markets, and solidifying our position as industry leaders. This unity of purpose ensures that we move forward as one cohesive entity, focused on achieving common objectives.

In the coming months, we anticipate exciting developments as our integrated sales teams forge ahead. This collaboration is not just a union of talents; it's a strategic move to elevate our sales efforts, enhance client relationships, and drive sustainable business growth.

Marius Maslo
CEO Adastra Digital

”We've partnered with Attachtap. As we help global organisations simplify digital transformation with cutting-edge data solutions, we highly appreciate their innovative forward thinking products and services, tailored to the needs of the client. In particular, the digitization of the old fashioned paper business card is an excellent example of innovative ways of using NFC tech. We highly recommend Attachtap for their ability and willingness to constantly improve and build on top of their products and services.”

Introduction about Adastra

Adastra is an independent business-data consultancy specializing in comprehensive solutions in the field of Information Management, covering Data Governance, Data Warehousing, Data Quality/Master Data Management, Data Integration, Data Migration, Big Data, Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Solutions leveraging Data AI, ESG and Custommer esxperience. Bridging technology and business consulting, Adastra's mission is to help companies achieve stellar performance by unlocking the business value of their data. With ten international offices (Toronto - Canada, London - UK, Frankfurt am M. - Germany, Wolfsburg - Germany, Stamford/New York - US, Bratislava - Slovakia, Prague - Czech Republic, Sofia - Bulgaria, Varna - Bulgaria, Adastra employs over 2,000 professionals and has delivered projects in 42+ countries.

Adastra's customers include firms from the finance and banking, insurance, telecoms, automotive, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, and many others, as well as several from the public sector. Projects are realized by the company's 2600 consultants from 21 offices around the world. In 2023 over 205 mil USD in revenue.

Stay tuned for more updates on how this unified sales force will shape the future of Attachtap within the Adastra Group.