1. Introductory provisions


The subject of these Terms of Use of the Attachtap application (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use") of PET & SON Group sro, with its registered office at Nad Ostrovom 15, Bratislava - Karlova Ves 841 04, Slovak Republic, ID: 53 479 068, registration: Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sro, file no .: 150851 / B (hereinafter referred to as the "Operator"), is the regulation of the procedure as well as the rights and obligations related to the use of the Application.


The Customer agrees to these Terms of Use, an integral part of which is the Privacy Policy published on the Website and the General Terms and Conditions, valid at the time of conclusion of the Agreement, in the form of confirmation of its will to be bound by their provisions by downloading the Application and its subsequent use.


Legal relations that are not regulated in these Terms of Use are governed by the relevant provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and the legislation of the Slovak Republic.

2. Download and install application


The Operator has made the "Attachtap" Application (hereinafter referred to as the "Application") available for download and subsequent installation by the Customer on the relevant platforms, in particular but not exclusively on the App Store platform, Google Play.


The customer who downloads and subsequently installs the Application on his device has the opportunity to use its functions according to the conditions specified in these Terms of Use. Customer's access to an Internet connection is required to download, install and subsequently use the Application.


In addition to the condition of a functional internet connection, for proper use of all functions of the Application it is necessary to own the Operator's product called Attachtap, which the Customer has to place on any device, especially mobile phone, using its self-adhesive function and then use it through the Application to share selected personal, business or other data and information.


Downloading and subsequent use of the Application is free of charge, while the Customer is obliged to pay only fees charged by third parties for services necessary and necessary to download the Application, especially but not exclusively for the service of proper internet connection or other services provided by the operator, resp. the telecommunications service provider of the Customer.


The Customer is entitled to remove and uninstall the Application from his device at any time, as well as to cancel the user account established for him within the Application.

3. Application Features


The main function of the Application is the possibility for the Customer to create his own user account, through which he can share his personal data, work or other information chosen by him with third parties, according to the conditions specified in these Terms of Use. For this purpose, the Customer is obliged to perform the registration by entering data in the range:

email address, password and license key.

Since it is necessary to own the Attachtap product for the proper use of the Application, the purchase of which and the related rights and obligations are regulated by the General Terms and Conditions, the Customer will be assigned a so-called a license key, which is a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that the Customer obtains when purchasing the Product - Attachtap.


After successful registration, a Customer account will be automatically set up for the Customer, within which he can create a so-called "Business cards" which represent a grouping of information relating to the Customer, divided at its discretion into two groups, the essence of which is the separation of information about the Customer with a business / business character (so-called business mode) and social / personal character (so-called social mode ).


The customer can upload a profile photo to their account and then add the default data types to the Application. Subsequently, the Customer has the opportunity to include in its business cards links to links to personal, business, corporate or other profiles, established on social networks and platforms to the following extent:

Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Yahoo !, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify.

The types of social networks and platforms, profiles established on which the Customer has the opportunity to share through the Application may change during its use, which the Operator is not obliged to notify the Customer in advance.


The customer is entitled to change, modify or delete data and information published about himself at any time. Such changes to the data shall not affect the information shared with third parties prior to the change.


In order to share the information contained in the Customer's business cards, the Customer is first required to physically make Attachtap available to a third party who, through his device capable of retrieving NFC tag data (Attachtap), gains access to the data to the extent chosen by the Customer.


The Customer has the option, before making Attachtap available for third party retrieval, to choose whether the grouping of Customer's data contained in the business card in the so-called social fashion or so-called business fashion. The customer thus has the opportunity to arbitrarily influence what data will be made available to other users and whether the data will be made available at all.


The data made available by the Customer to third parties consists of information about the Customer contained in his user account as well as URL links to the Customer's profiles on social networks and platforms according to point 3.3 of the Terms of Use.


If the Customer clicks on a URL or other link contained in another user's information, he may access the website, resp. into a third party application where he may be offered third party goods and / or services. The Operator is not responsible for the content or guarantees and rules adopted by such third parties, and when using applications and / or visiting third party websites, the Customer is obliged to comply with the rules of use adopted by these third parties.


The Operator is not responsible for the information, data and content made available by the Customer within his user account, in particular, but not exclusively, for the authenticity and veracity of this data. In the event that the Customer shares information, data or other content with third parties in a manner that interferes with the rights of third parties, these persons are obliged to assert their claims in relation to a specific Customer. In this connection, the Customer is obliged to publish information, data and content related to his person, resp. to his employment, company or other position / function so as not to interfere with the rights and legally protected interests of third parties, which are both natural and legal persons.

4. Authorized Usage


The Customer is entitled to make full use of all accessible functions of the Application as they are made available to him within its interface, exclusively for his personal use, which means for the purpose of presenting his person and effectively sharing information and data with his chosen persons. and to the extent chosen therein.


The Customer's login details, in particular his e-mail address, password and license key, constitute confidential information and the Customer is obliged to protect these from any unauthorized interference by third parties. In the sense of the above, the customer is especially obliged to act in such a way that his even negligent actions, resp. failure to publish, or their misuse, resp. use by an unauthorized third party. The Operator is not responsible for the loss or disclosure of the Customer's login data to third parties in accordance with this section of the Terms of Use. At the same time, the Operator is not liable for any damage caused to the Customer by the use of his user account by third parties, both due to disclosure of login details to third parties and enabling the use of his user account, as well as due to choosing an insufficiently strong password. account.


Customer who is a user of the Application does not acquire the right to the intellectual property that is part of the Application, for example in the form of a trademark, trade name or technical solution, and is not entitled to use any content that forms part of the Application in contrary to its standard use in accordance with these Terms of Use.


The Customer acknowledges that the Application contains texts, logos, designs, protected information and materials, which are always owned by the Operator and which are protected by the relevant legislation governing intellectual property rights and other legislation, including, but not limited to , copyright regulations. Customer agrees to use such proprietary information or materials solely for the purpose of using the Application in accordance with these Terms of Use and to the extent of its standard use. The Customer undertakes not to copy, reproduce, modify, lend, rent, lease, lend, republish, sell, distribute, download or create derivative works in any way the protected information and materials and will not use the Application, or parts thereof that are subject to intellectual property protection. ownership, in any unauthorized manner, including, but not limited to, providing their contents to third parties. For any use of the protected information and materials, other than the actual use of the Application in accordance with these Terms of Use, the prior written consent of the Operator must be obtained.


If the Services are used in violation of the provisions, in particular, but not exclusively, this article of the Terms of Use or other contractual documents, in particular but not exclusively the General Terms and Conditions, including any form of misuse of the Application content and functions or breach of contract by the Customer, the Operator shall have the right to interrupt the provision of services, which may represent a temporary or permanent deactivation of the Customer's user account, or other measures leading to the prevention of the creation of a new user account of such Customer. This does not affect the Operator's right to compensation for damages.


Customer is prohibited from damaging the operation and structure of the Application by circumventing or violating security measures, uploading files containing beliefs or malicious programs, or performing other unfair or illegal conduct that violates the laws or the Operator's rights.

5. Disclaimer


The Operator strives to ensure the proper functioning of the Application at all times. However, in cases of objective and unavoidable technical obstacles or other facts causing the impossibility of performance for such failures, which the Operator is unable to influence, it is not responsible. However, it shall make every effort to resolve the obstacles which have arisen without delay.


The Operator has the right to terminate its business and the operation of the Application or its part at any time and not to enter into new contracts with other Customers, or to terminate and / or suspend the operation and access to Customer's user accounts.


The Operator is entitled to change the format and / or content of any part of the Application at any time, including the removal and / or restriction of some or all of its functions.


Due to updating the Application, the Operator is also entitled to limit its functions to the necessary extent.


In case of complaints, grievances or suggestions, the Customer is entitled to contact the Operator at the e-mail address, or to apply one of the procedures regulated in the General Terms and Conditions published on the Operator's website ''.

6. Change of terms of use


In this way, the Operator reserves the right to change these Terms of Use.


If any provision of the Terms of Use becomes invalid, ineffective, resp. unenforceable, the other provisions, without prejudice to this, shall remain in full force and effect. In such a case, the Operator shall replace such provision with a valid, effective and enforceable provision that differs as little as possible from the principles agreed in these GBTC while maintaining the economic and legal purpose and meaning of the replaced provision.


For the purposes of processing the personal data of Customers, the Company is in the position of an independent personal data controller.

7. Supervisory Authority

The supervisory authority of the operator is:

SOI Inspectorate for the Bratislava Region
Odbor výkonu dozoru
Prievozská 32, P.O. Box 5
820 07 Bratislava 27
Slovenská republika

Place: Bratislava
Date: 18.06.2021