Attachtap Digital Business Card: A Sustainable Solution for MetLife in Slovakia and Czech Republic

MetLife, a leading insurance provider, faced the challenge of managing traditional paper business cards across their offices in Slovakia and Czech Republic. The cumbersome process of printing, distributing, and updating paper-based business cards not only incurred significant costs but also raised environmental concerns. In a bid to address these challenges and align with their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, MetLife turned to Attachtap's innovative digital business card solution.


MetLife operates in an industry where networking and efficient communication play a pivotal role. Traditionally, paper business cards were the norm, contributing to considerable paper waste and printing expenses. Seeking a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative, MetLife partnered with Attachtap to implement a fully digital and eco-friendly solution.


Attachtap introduced a comprehensive digital business card system, eliminating the need for traditional paper cards. Employees were provided with pre-created user profiles that could be easily customized to reflect individual professional information. The system seamlessly integrated with MetLife's active directory, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for each employee.

Key Features

      1. Fully Digital Platform: The transition to Attachtap's digital business card system eliminated the reliance on paper, promoting a paperless work environment.
      2. Pre-Created User Profiles: Employees benefited from pre-created profiles, reducing the time and effort required to set up individual cards.
      3. Active Directory Integration: Possible Integration with MetLife's active directory ensured consistency and accuracy in user information, reflecting real-time updates.
      4. Web-Based Login: The inclusion of web-based login options provided convenient access for employees to manage and share their digital business cards.
      5. Custom Designs:Attachtap's platform allowed for fully custom designs, enabling MetLife to maintain a professional and brand-aligned image.


The implementation of Attachtap's digital business card solution yielded significant benefits for MetLife in Slovakia and Czech Republic.

      1. Cost Reduction:MetLife experienced a notable 35% reduction in costs associated with printing, distributing, and maintaining traditional paper business cards.
      2. Environmental Impact: The shift to a fully digital platform contributed to MetLife's ESG goals by reducing paper waste, aligning with sustainable practices.
      3. Efficiency and Convenience: Employees enjoyed a streamlined process for managing their professional information, resulting in increased efficiency and convenience.
      4. Brand Consistency: Custom designs ensured that MetLife's brand image remained consistent across all digital business cards, enhancing professionalism.


Attachtap's digital business card solution proved instrumental in helping MetLife in Slovakia and Czech Republic achieve both cost savings and environmental sustainability. The successful implementation not only aligned with the company's ESG goals but also enhanced efficiency and professionalism within the organization. As a case study in digital transformation, MetLife's experience showcases the positive impact of embracing eco-friendly solutions in the corporate landscape.