Slovenská Sporiteľna & Attachtap

Slovenka sporiteľňa (Erste Group) decided to digitize paper business cards with a solution from Attachtap. Many advantages came with this decision. Slovenská sporiteľňa reduced the cost of paper business cards by 50% using Attachtap (we will know the exact numbers in about a year), with SLSP buying additional business cards for the next 3 years. All NFC cards are made of recycled PVC plastic and we also used packaging ECO- paper. Where we achieved a reduction in the printing of paper business cards. Similarly, in Slovenská sporiteľna, we improved many processes so that employees and customers have the best possible customer experience when using Attachtap.

Peter Holík
Head of Marketing Communications

”Since we are a digital banking leader, we had Attachtap digital business cards made for each colleague in our bank, thus saying goodbye to paper business cards for good. Not only did we start using this useful innovation, but this investment paid for itself in the first year compared to classic business cards.”